It's a Homemade Christmas!

December 12, 2013
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The Christmas season is here! And with it comes boxes, bows, wrapping paper, and wish lists, which all add up to an empty wallet.  What if your bank account leaves something to be desired this year, but you still want to be able to participate in gift giving this holiday season? Homemade gifts!

Now, we know that sometimes homemade gifts can have negative connotations.  They can conjure up images of crafts made with lots of glitter, stickers and popsicle sticks that will most likely be thrown in the "I don't know what to do with this" drawer on December 26th.  But homemade gifts can be a great way to give very personalized gifts to your friends and family without emptying your wallet.  With a little time and attention to detail, you can have a homemade Christmas that people will remember!

Here are some ideas...

Sewing Required Ideas

  • Felt Clutch
  • Family Tree - This is a link to where you can buy it, but with a little ingenuity, you can easily recreate this beautiful piece.
  • Other ideas
    • Purses & Bags
    • Ipad Sleeves
    • Apron
    • Scarf

Creativity & Building Required Ideas

Edible Ideas

So there are a few ideas for your homemade Christmas.  Hopefully you will find a couple of ideas that your friends & family would love, and will help you save some money over this Christmas season!  Here are a few final tips for you as your embark on your homemade Christmas!

  • Presentation will make or break your Christmas gift! A thoughtful packaging will turn your gift into something special that people will be amazed is homemade! And don't forget the ribbons and bows!
  • Mason jars can be a great packaging tool.  You can easily find labels online (or make your own) to put on the jars.  Wrap a ribbon around the top and you have a beautiful gift that everyone will love.
  • Think about the people on your Christmas list this year, what their passions and hobbies are, how their home is decorated.  With this information, you can come up with gift ideas that they will treasure and use all the time.
  • Many of these gifts, especially the edible ideas, become more cost effective the more you make.  So if you want to make Cocoa Mix or BBQ Rub, think of a few people who would like it, and check off a few people on your list with one gift.  You can modify the presentation to personalize the gift to each person if you would like.
  • Finally, these are just a small list of ideas, but the possibilities are limitless!  Use Google images and Pinterest for an abundant list of ideas for all the people on your list.

Enjoy your homemade Christmas!